Wedding Color Schemes: How to Pick the Right Color Combination for Your Big Day

Posted on January 6th, 2011 by admin

One of the biggest wedding planning decisions you face may be choosing the color scheme. It’s a decision that has to be made before a lot of the others like bridesmaids dresses, flowers and other selections can be made. At Mori Lee, we’ve got a few tips on how to do that.

First off, what’s your favorite color? The colors used in a wedding should reflect the bride’s taste and they’ll be something you remember all of your life as you look at the photos and mementos of the start of your lives together. Carefully consider your favorite color and imagine your wedding taking shape around it.

  • Is a specific color important to you, or would you prefer to base your wedding around a seasonal color? It’s entirely up to you, but sometimes seasonal colors are helpful in making the wedding seem attuned to events around you. Choosing seasonal colors can also be more cost effective, particularly in terms of floral arrangements.
  • Once you’ve chosen a main color, you may want a second color to use in accents or other areas. What is helpful here is to know about complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that, when mixed together, make grey. The colors are opposites, like yellow and purple, red and green, orange and blue, and black and white. If you look around, these are color schemes that are frequently put together because they can be extremely pleasing to the eye. But “eyeballing” the exact complementary color to go with your favorite shade of turquoise can be difficult.

So here’s a tip that will make it very easy for you: check out Sherwin-Williams website ( and you’ll find a color generator link ( that helps find complementary colors. Once you’ve chosen your favorite color, the rest is easy. The tool takes all the guess work out of it for you. While you’re on the website, take a good look at that color-generator link because you can also see how the colors look together in a room and the mood they create. The colors you choose will help you set the mood of your wedding celebration. To carry the color through into your dress, Mori Lee offers color-accented dresses, like Style 2176, which is a dazzling halter empire-style gown available in 28 different colors.

  • You can also go monochromatic, which would be different shades and variations on the same color or analogous, which means the colors lie together on the color wheel, such as blue, blue-green and green.
  • And don’t forget to take the flowers into consideration. If you love a particular flower, you may want to choose colors found in those flowers, in nature. That would an “organic decision” in more ways than one.

Color is an important part of your wedding dress and decor decisions. It’s also one of the first big decisions you’ll face. Mori Lee is happy to help you along the way by offering the best array of beautiful dresses in classic styles and colors that you’ll be happy to look back on in the years to come.

Something Old…

Posted on January 3rd, 2011 by admin

Every girl has heard the poem since childhood and wondered about her own wedding day; a day when she would need…

“something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

This little saying has been around so long that no one really knows who started the tradition, but it’s become part of the legend and lore of weddings. The reference to a “sixpence” doesn’t really help identify where and whence the saying came. A “sixpence” was a coin that was minted in the United Kingdom from 1551 until 1967. The verse and tradition traces back to England and many sources say it began sometime in the Victorian Era.

Not every bride will be able to carry or wear and item for each aspect of the poem, but when it comes to “something old” there’s really a chance to bring something special to your attire for the big day. “Old” can have many interpretations, but it’s consistent theme is: a link of one generation to the next. The bride’s mother, grandmother or a favorite aunt often contributes the cherished “old” item, making it an heirloom bridging past to future.

Some say this represents the desire to remain connected to the family the bride comes from, but it also represents the life being left behind. Another idea is that it symbolizes the tradition of the bride’s family values and the connection her family brings that is being passed down.

The most cherished gifts of past generations often include:

  • Jewelry.
  • Laces or fabric.
  • A sweetly scented handkerchief.
  • A hairpin or accessory.

Other popular items from another day might include a love letter written from father to mother, a picture of your parents in your purse, an old wedding photo from your family or a cherished antique mirror and brush set.

Whatever your family has, a tangible treasure to carry from your past home to the one where you will make your new life together can provide some comfort and warm feelings that help you feel more confident and truly cherished as you go forward into your happily ever after.

And at Mori Lee, we’ll help with the rest of the trimmings so that your “something old” is perfectly displayed and complemented by your wedding gown’s style and cut.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Posted on December 14th, 2010 by admin

Most of us are so excited to start the wedding gown selection process. We’ve dreamed of trying on dresses our whole lives, but can’t necessarily translate the fantasy into reality. How do you choose the right wedding dress for your body type? If you can put aside your preconceived notions about style or fabric in favor of these tried-and-true tips, you will end up with the dress of your dreams. We know we’ve got something to offer everyone at Mori Lee, so let’s get started.

If you’re concerned about your tummy or hips, the A-line is made for you. This is a dress that typically has its narrowest point directly below the bust. It flows out from there, smoothing over the waist and hips with a bit of extra fabric. This cut of dress is a classic with staying power – so not only will you feel great, but your wedding photos will be timeless! While many curvy women self-consciously try to cover up, we recommend on your Big Day that you show a little skin. Features that are slimming include short sleeves, ruching (just a little!), scoop necks and deep v-necks. If you’re choosing the right wedding dress for your body type and you’re fuller figured, focus on enhancing what you have, not trying to hide it.

When you’re petite, choosing the right wedding dress for your body type means picking a gown to wear, not that will wear you. Make more of less and avoid unbelted, straight dresses, like sheaths. Look to the “princess cut” with a fitted top and skirt that either gathers or flares at the waist. You will truly look like a Cinderella. Want more height? Look for tiered dresses. Halters add length to your torso, as well. And if you’re still wanting a little extra height, a dress like #6701 from our Voyage collection has just the right vertical enhancement. The raised hem in the front, flowing to a longer train-effect in the back adds dimension and height.

Are you pear-shaped? This is the most common figure type among women. Remember when choosing the right wedding dress for your body type, a figure that is wider at the bottom is flattered by focusing attention on the upper body. Show-off your arms, back and bust-line. Cap sleeves? Wonderful! Spaghetti straps? Great choices! Halter? Be careful in that section. There are some styles that may flatter, but it’s important to draw the eye upward and out. You, too, will find great choices among the A-lines, but also consider corseting or a wedding gown with straps across the back. Drawing the attention to the back and finishing with a full skirt, will look amazing on a pear-shaped body type.

For those who have a larger bust, we suggest a modified off-the-shoulder style like #3052 in our Julietta collection. This kind of style provides extra support and minimizes the bust line to draw attention away to your other assets. For busty ladies, when choosing the right wedding dress for your body type, you may feel compelled to go strapless, but be careful to pick a dress constructed with the proper support. The benefit of an off-the-shoulder sleeve is that it has a similar style to strapless and will help draw the eye out and emphasize your wonderful shoulders and neck, while still providing support. And when you have a larger bosom, do keep your skirt narrow. A full skirt will visually “fill out the picture,” making you look larger on bottom as well as up above. You’re the fortunate woman who can wear a sheath like Style #6503 from our Voyage collection.

When choosing the right wedding dress for your body type, remember, there’s an exception to every rule. If you truly love something on the hanger, take a moment to try it on. At Mori Lee, we know that every bride is exceptional in her own way.